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Welcome to Custom Creation Paints Ltd. We are an independent paint manufacturer that specialises in unusual coatings for decorative use. These include;  spray on chrome, real spray on rust and aged copper paint, prismatic/holographic paint, heat sensitive paint, colour shifting paint and our very own Metal Veneer paints (also known as liquid metal paints). We are able to ship the majority of our paints to most countries in Uk and Europe.

Our spray on chrome uses a silver nitrate system which is the next best alternative to chrome plating. It creates a flawless, professional and 100% reflective mirror coating on metal, plastic, or wood. Use it in one of our handy dual chamber trigger sprayer bottles or for larger scale projects we offer a commercial set up with a deluxe double nozzle silvering gun. 

Rust effect paint is one of the most exciting things to hit the art, design, and automotive world. If you want an antique look on cars, rustic sculptured landscape pieces, buildings, or walls, our rustique spray on rust paint is an exciting alternative. Creating a natural rust look patina has never been easier with our easier to apply kit. 

For something a little bit different, try our heat sensitive or thermochromic paint. This miraculous product can be used on vehicles but also on wood and plastic. You’ll be amazed at the way heat sensitive paint changes colour depending upon the surrounding temperature revealing a second colour. This allows our enterprising clients to create an interactive custom paint finish. Check out our hottest new addition to the range: our brush on heat sensitive wall emulsion.

Why not try out our custom spray cans? With our convenient HVLP nozzles you will get a consistent pressure, producing a smoother finish just like from a spray gun. Our 2K custom spray cans also have a built in curing agent. We also sell spray can filling machines and pre-gassed aerosols ready for you to fill with your own paints.


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